State Educational Institution Zdolbuniv Higher Vocational  School of Railway Transport

       The state educational institution "Zdolbuniv Higher vocational School of railway transport" is one of  the leading  institution of professional and technical education of the Rivne Region.

      The first information about the development of education in Zdolbuniv belongs to the times of the Russian Empire. They are closely related to the construction in 1873 of the Kozyatyn–Brest and Kozyatyn–Radyvyliv railway branches (completed in 1874), branching off at the new created Zdolbuniv Station. At the station there was a depot for minor repairs of steam locomotives and wagons, which was first mentioned in the documents of 1874.

     The history of the Zdolbuniv Higher Vocational School of Railway Transport begins in 1977. At that time, a one-class railway school was opened at the Zdolbuniv  Station according to the Regulations of 1869, where, for the most part, the children of railway workers studied. After the reorganization in 1905, the school received the name "two-classes city railway school".

    Over the years, the school's names had changed: ZHU No. 1 (1944), Vocational Technical University No. 4 (1961), Vocational Technical University No. 16 (1969), Vocational Technical University No. 2 (1970), SPTU No. 2 (1985), and Zdolbuniv Vocational Lyceum of Railway Transport (2002).

     According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 23.12.2013 No. 1819, the lyceum was reorganized into the state educational institution "Zdolbuniv Higher Vocational School of Railway Transport".

State Educational Institution Zdolbuniv Higher Vocational  School of Railway Transport has existing licenses of educational activities in the following specialties:

On the basis of secondary education (9th  grade)

  •  Software operator (2 years 10 months)
  •  Locomotive driver. Electric train driver. Rolling stock repair mechanic. (2 years 10 months)
  •  Repair mechanic. Rolling stock repair mechanic. Observer of wagons. Observer of wagons repair mechanic. (2 years 10 months)
  •  Installer of building insulation. Builder-decorator. Installation plumbing system and equipment technician. (2 years 10 months)
  •  Duty switch post operator. Centralization station operator. (2 years 10 months)
  •  Hairdresser (hair designer). Nail technician. (2 years 10 months)

On the basis of general completed full school education (11th grade)

  •  Passenger train conductor (9 months)
  •  Locomotive driver. Electric train driver’s assistant. Rolling stock repair mechanic. (1 year 5 months)

     On January 1, 2024 -53 pedagogical workers participate in the educational process, including:21 teachers; 21 industrial training masters , the director, 2 deputies, 1 Teacher Methodist, 1 head master, 1 practical psychologist, 3 educators, 3 group leaders.

  • 30 classrooms
  •  STEM center
  • 8 vocational workshops
  • 2 Educational and Practical Centers
  • 1 wagon of laboratory
  • 1 assembly hall for 150 seats
  • 1 a gym with an area of 130m2
  • 1 Gym with simulators (60m2)
  • 1 medical center with an outpatient office 
  • 1 dormitory of 250 people, a total area of 4919m2
  • The building area of the institution is 5,55 hectares

2021-2023 participation in the international program "Erasmus+"

    The main aim of the project "It's time for us! "Manage your time, manage yourself" was a joint search for methods of effective time management and mobilizing oneself to take up activities that bring tangible benefits in personal, professional and social terms. Using digital tools, we created universal planners that streamline the time planning process for the day, week, month or year. Our partner from Poland - Technical Secondary School No. 4 Transport is located within the structure of the Vocational and Continuing Education Center in Sosnowiec.

The school cooperates on a contractual basis with the following customer enterprises:

  •  “Zdolbuniv Locomotive Plant”
  •  “Zdolbunive Repair Car Depot”
  •  “Zdolbuniv Motor Wagon Depot”
  •  International company “Grohe”
  •  Industrial Group Company “Polimin”

Location of the institution Zdolbuniv, Rivner Region, Yasna Street, 6

Deputy of a director of the educational part of the State Educational Institution Zdolbuniv Higher Vocational  School of Railway Transport , ROMANIUK OLHA, email -, + 380681084301. 


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